Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Spring Is Here! Literacy and Math Centers Using Plastic Easter Eggs

I love Spring!
I have found that kids love plastic easter eggs, so I use them often during this time of the year.
I find most of my props at the dollar store and Oriental Trading.  Here are some of my favorite egg activities:
Beginning Sound Egg Sort
It's easy to make!  Get 26 plastic eggs and with a black sharpie marker write an uppercase/lowercase letter on each one.  If you like, you can put the lowercase on one part and the uppercase on the other and you have a nice letter recognition activity.  Next find an object that begins with each letter sound.
Here is what I use:
A   apple
B   baseball
C   coin
D  dolphin
E easter egg
F fly
G ghost
H heart
I igloo
J jack o lantern
K kite
L ladybug
M marble
N nickel
O octopus
P pumpkin
Q quarter
R rat
S snake
T tooth
U umbrella
V vulture
W wagon
X xylophone
Y yoyo
Z zebra

I try to use as many actual objects as I can. Mini erasers and the plastic toys you find at the dollar shop work well or you can use clipart.  I found the container at the dollar store.  This is a fun activity.  Perfect for home or school.  Place the objects in a bowl and have your child put each object in the correct egg. Another fun activity is mixing the eggs up and putting them in alphabetical order.  Or lay eggs out in ABC order and randomly remove 8 of them.  Find the missing eggs and put in the correct spot.  

Children love this book!  I found the large plastic egg at the dollar store and filled each one with a fuzzy chick.  As you read the book, student will find the correct color egg and "hatch" the chick!  This is always a hit!

This book is part of my Extraordinary Egg Unit.  Skills: science - what hatches from eggs?, days of the week, sequencing, color recognition, and more!  On each day, an egg hatches - what will it be?  Hands On Learning Fun!

What are your favorite egg activities?  I'd love to hear from you!

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