Thursday, April 15, 2010

Froggy Fun Printable Thematic Unit

Here are some pics of my new Frog Unit. 
It has lots of hands on learning activities

This is my Feed the Frog Game:

It's great hands on fun and focuses on counting 1-5.
Players each receive 20 flies.
Take turns turning over a card and "feed" the frog the correct amount of flies.
First player to feed the frog all of their flies wins!
Interactive Five Speckled Frogs Book

I love this book! Another cute way to reinforce numbers 1-5 and the concept of taking one away.

Frog Letter Sort
Reinforces recognition of uppercase/lowercase letters.  Place the frog on the matching lilly pad.
You can also use the frog cards for putting the letters of the alphabet in the correct order.
Or, put 6-8 letters in order in a row.  Remove 2 cards and have student find the missing letter.

Frog Life Cycle

This set contains a cute life cycle puzzle as well as sequencing cards.  I found the plastic life cycle frogs at Oriental Trading.

Clothespin Color Word Match

Fun way to reinforce color word recognition.

Ribbit! Ribbit! Math Story Problems
Great hands on way to learn addition and subtraction!

This set is also available ready made in my Ebay shop.
If I don't have one available - just email me and I will be happy to make one for you.

Here are some other great frog items: