Sunday, April 5, 2009

Hands On Learning Fun Commotion in the Ocean Literacy Bag

Commotion in the Ocean Literacy Bag

This is a great thematic unit based on Andreae Giles book:

I also have a great Rumble in the Jungle Literacy Bag, which will be listed later today.

I'm offering this set in 3 different formats:
PDF Format: For those of you who don't mind printing, cutting and assembling
Activities Included:

Story Cards
Counting by 10's
Five Little Sea Animals Poetry Activity
Sink or Float? Science Center
3 Math Worksheets with ocean counters
What's For Dinner? Activity
Land or Sea? Classification activity
Activity Sheet listing ways to use the above activities as well as cooking, music, suggested reading, art, and math activities.

Enjoy your weekend!


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