Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Wonderful Web Wednesday: Insect Lore

Have you heard of Insect Lore?

Love bugs?

This is the shop for you!

The website is divided into 3 areas: Play Learn Shop

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Here are my fav's from each section:


Check out today's BUG GIGGLE!


See how roots form, sprout your own edible shoots, and help a prehistoric plant pop back to life, and learn all about it with a fantastic fact-filled book. Save 32% with this 40th anniversary bundle!

Root-Vue Farm - regularly $29.99
Amazing Dinosaur Plant - regularly $6.99
How a Plant Grows book - regularly $5.99
Grow & Gobble Seed Sprout Kit - regularly $19.99
Regularly $63, only $40 for our 40th anniversary!

Beetle Barn - Look what’s growing on the farm! Follow the lifecycle of the mealworm with this easy-to-raise easy-to-do kit. Just mail away for the larvae and discover insect metamorphosis first hand! Move your Darkling Beetle larvae during each stage of their lifecycle in the fun and functional tri-chambered "Barn" habitat. The silo features a super magnifier for insect observation. A great kit for the classroom, home or home school.

Butterfly Garden - shipped with live butterfly culture
Raise 3 to 5 Painted Lady butterflies while learning all about metamorphosis. See the caterpillars' transition as they mature, change into chrysalides, and finally emerge as Painted Lady butterflies! The butterflies' development takes approximately three weeks, and they're absolutely safe to release into the environment.Includes colorful pop-up habitat suitable for hanging or free-standing on a countertop, one cup containing 3 to 5 butterfly larvae with special food, feeding kit and complete instructions.

Praying Mantis Ice Cream - Here's a simple recipe for making some home-made ice cream, using just a few household items, and without an ice cream maker! Actually, the ice cream maker will be you! And, in case you were wondering, no praying mantises are required - we're just going to make yummy green ice cream and pretend it's mantis-flavored.
Make Your Own Mealworm Habitat - explains how to make a mealworm experiment container
Insecltorepedia - lots of info about insects