Monday, May 4, 2009

Great Sites to Save $$$$$ On Groceries

I recently found a great blog: $5 Dinners
I never realized there was so much great information on saving money.

When my kids were small, I clipped coupons and often made meals a week at a time to save money. One of my favorite cookbooks was: Monday to Friday Cookbook.

As they grew older, I slowly grew out of the habit.

Now, I have 2 kids in college and am once again looking for ways to save money.

Living as Mom is based in Atlanta and has great advice on how to save money. I never knew you could save so much at CVS!

Here are some great coupon sites:

Cellfire you can load coupons directly to your kroger card - I love it!

I try to eat as much unprocessed organic food as possible. Here is a site for organic coupons:

Once a Month Mom has an entire month's worth of meals planned for you - everything you need!

Mommy Snacks - has great ways to save at Target, Kroger, and Walmart
Anyone else looking for ways to save money?
I'd love to hear how you have save!


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