Monday, May 4, 2009

Hands On Learning Fun Blog Updates


I've spent quite a bit of time thinking about how to make my blog more interactive. I want to keep it fresh and up to date, without posting just to be posting. I've enjoyed getting the hang of blogging and thank goodness - I'm getting quicker!

So, I'm going to tweak a few things, keeping it fun and making sure it's not tooooo time consuming for me!

Most of my posts follow some sort of theme and I will continue following that format.

Instead of posting every day, I will introduce a topic with my ideas and hopefully your comments will help guide my future posts - keeping the topics fresh and fun.

I would love to hear your ideas on current topics as well as ideas for future ones. What you've done in the past, favorite books, educational activities, etc. Have a great craft? Email me a picture and I will be happy to post it.

Have a funny to share? Kids can say the funniest things. We all need a laugh - let's share them!

Looking for a great recipe? Or ways to save money? Leave a comment.

Looking for ideas? Leave a comment and we can all share our ideas and expertise.

It's really easy to leave a comment. At the end of every post, you will see comments. Just click on it and a new box will open up and type away! Find a really great coupon or giveaway? Leave a comment and let us know!

Later today, I will post my new giveaway. The guidelines have changed (remember it's work in progress!), so be sure and read the entry rules.

I've also stumbled across some great blogs that help me save money with coupons and groceries. I will share them later this evening.

To make it easy to remember, you can sign up for email updates. You will receive via email new posts and you can click on the link and comment away!

Happy Monday!


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